• The Best Career Decision I Ever Made

    In 2010 I was a sports medicine registrar working at Sports Med Subiaco. I’d just run my first serious marathon and was eying off doing a destination race. Like an iconic ultramarathon or one of the four deserts events. It was around that time that I received a phone call from the ‘Racing the Planet’ race organisers. They needed an event doctor for their 2011 Kimberley race. As quite a junior sports doctor I was flattered and excited. This was an event I was very interested in checking out and I was super keen. The conversation went a bit like this;

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  • The Importance of Variability in Exercise

    A little while ago I wrote an article busting myths (here if you missed it) about injury prevention including common practices such as stretching before training and ice-baths after workouts. I was then speaking at a runner’s symposium when I was asked: “what does actually work then?”

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  • Adolescent Back Pain

    A few weeks ago, I had a bit of a rant on my facebook page about over-reliance on radiological images. Although there are certainly conditions that are over-scanned, the rant was more about inappropriate ordering and interpretation of scans. Importantly though, there are also times when scans are under-utilised.

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  • Exercise in Pregnancy

    Not only is exercising in pregnancy safe, it also has many positive effects on both mother and fetus. There are however a few important risks to consider to maximize the benefits and to keep both mother and baby safe.

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  • What do I love about Sport & Exercise Medicine?

    The following is an article I was recently asked to write for the MDA National Magazine on the topic: "What do I love about my specialty?"

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